Old GW-PDF:s for you my friend, very cheap

From the desk of mr Llama, a bunch of old PDF:s that used to be relevant to the SBG and WotR. There might be some interest in these still - and if not, there should be.

Old LotR: SBG/WotR-related PDF:s

Mûmakil special. Published on the old version of the GW-homepage.
Fiefdom-conversions. Someone over at GW made som alright conversions.
Wizard's Duel! Saruman versus Gandalf. The box with these two special models are long OOP.
Elves Showcase. I remember this being a large and interesting article, but looking at it now I am not impressed. Time flies...
Offical War of the Ring FAQ and Errata. Couldn't find this on GW's homepage.
Official Update, version 1.1 War of the Ring.

The word "official" on the two later posts should be taken with a grain of salt since the firm that produced the game no longer recognize its existence.

War of the Ring magic cards. If there is anyone out there who still use the spells of WotR without any changes. Made by mr Onimusha of theonering. He did for some reason give the copyright to GW, which I think is weird, since it was he who did the cards.

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  1. Interesting seeing these again... you are provoking my interest in MiddleEarth again, oddly enough I was watching FOTR again last night... I do like the idea of the Fiefdom Conversions, and wizards duel was the first game I actually played with my young son as it was easy to do. I didnt have the official figure set though - I wouldnt mind trying to find a 2nd hand palantir on ebay, same for Galadriels mirror...

    1. Provocing interest in Middle-Earth was one of my intentions, so this gladdens me to read, hehehe!

      I also would like to put my sausage fingers on a box of Wizard's Duel and Galadriel. And the box of Galadriel and her mirror as well, not just Cate Blanchett's bum...

      If you use paypal, which I don't for different reasons, you could go to the ChaosOrcSuperStore (found it via the Garagehammer podcast): They had a single Galadriels Mirror-box/blister left last time I checked, six-seven days ago. Customer service was fast and efficient when I asked him about some things.