Rohirrim Redux, phase 2

Entering phase two. I took two "personal days" off from work to rest and recuperate and to meet up with a friend that said she needed to do some house-warming in her temporary new place. Under such circumstances, work will naturally have to wait. The added advantage is that I, in peace and quiet, could continue my sort-of gritty basing style:

1) Carpenter glue + sand. Let dry.
2) Water + carpenter glue + CdA 112 Bone (or Bleached Bone from Citadel). Let dry.
3) Highlight rocks and details with pure white. Now it looks like crap.
4) Wash with 50% water, 30% carpenter glue and 20% CdA 116 Barbarian Leather. Let dry.
5) Black-greyish-brownish-greenish last wash. Heavily diluted. Perhaps 70-80% water. Now it looks boring but exactly like I want it.

The horselords/straw-heads in various different states of completion. They will all need some heavy painting and washing and shading.
    The last thing I do is to add some static grass and fix the rims of bases and trays.

But why the PVA or carpenter's glue, Llama? Well, little Timmy, because I have been annoyed to great anger about loose sand in every single box of models in the cupboard. With bases that are made of more glue than paint or sand, it is likely the flipping sand will stay where it's supposed to: On the beach... mowahahahaaah...

EDIT: Linky to Tell me a Tale about Eomer. I always want to start play SBG when I read their posts. I was this close *holds thumb against point-finger* to start last year... In case you've missed the blog in question: Read it and ALL the backlog if you have any form of interest in SBG or WotR, for that matter.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for the h/t, Llama - I love how your Rohan force is coming along! The detail on your riders is inspiring to me, as I'm a relatively new to the painting sphere. Keep up the good work!

    1. That actually inspired me to start paint on them again! Bloggin' is good for one's hobby!

      Plus I learn new idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms: Hat-tip! ;) A H/T well deserved, BTW!

  2. The thunder of horses hooves on the charge,... always evocative! Go Rohan!

    1. But not 3000 as in the movie, thankfully, these guys are the first to be painted in the collection and it is noticeable. They're also sealed with matt varnish to make matters worse.

      On another note: We won't be seeing much cavalry in the last Hobbit movie, I just realized. Of course, there is always the possibility of Peter Jackson sending a squadron of Rivendell Knights to Dol Guldur, or something!