Rohan hero & Dwarves

The movement tray is kind of ready. The dwarves fit in nicely and there are exactly three things left to do:

1) Add some colour to the tray.
2) Do something simple and not attention-drawing on the dwarf-bases.
3) Something else which slipped my mind.

Looking at the pictures I remember: Add cobwebs (thank you Ultima VII: The Black Gate for teaching me that particular word) to the two dead tree stumps in the left corner (or right corner from where we are looking from).

Anyways, this turned out to be another little update of this and that. Don't really know why I keep doing these, perhaps I am hunting for traffic. I sincerely hope not. To be honest, it really got to do with time being sparse with regards to hobby and blogging.

Last post I mentioned Rohan heroes being large but nice sculpts. This guy is not an exception. Horses' heads are quite big and long affairs, but this Rohan guy could probably headbutt the horse to death without problem. It looks like he's riding a pony when mounted on the plastic horse. Not that I really care.

In a previous update, Los Angeles - and Elysium - was mentioned. Below we see Los Angeles before MC, after MC and the wonderful, globalist BS Los Angeles that the MSM-idiots dream about. Too many abbreviations? Well, I suppose you aren't angry enough to know what they stand for then ;)

My part of town is somewhere between the second and the third image. Hooray for MC and the all-encompassing bullshit word "globalisation"!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Looking good Llama. The dwarves that is not LA.

  2. Very nice work on the Dwarves Llama, great job... must admit you lost me at the end, perhaps I am not up on current events and acronyms?

    1. It was meant as a humorous parallell to my own part of town, a sort of "I am aware that is worse elsewhere". I had originally typed a longer, more descriptive answer, but realized that this is a hobby-blog and it is probably for the best not to indulge in some answers. I will gladly give a longer explanation if we ever get to communicate in a less public setting :) Sorry for the rather un-tidy post!