Lantiroch, once again.

Lantiroch, or the High Elf Water Spawn, has been shown before. But I got me a better image now, and I also got a question for you, good reader:

In my possession, I have a bottle of Citadel Water Effects that could be used on top of all the watery surface as well as the manifestations of horses. This was originally planned to be poured over the whole thing. But never happened after me not liking the result of the water effect in another hobby project. Would it be, if not advisable, at least viable to use the stuff on this particular [kind of] DIY-model?

Remember how I said "better image" two seconds ago? I wasn't entirely truthful, to tell you the truth. But what is truth? If a tree falls in the park and no one are there to hear it, how expensive is a hooker in Sweden then? 
     The answer is "42" and I'm getting tired. Also, for people outside of Scandinavia, I can inform that the use of double apostrophes is the same as quotation marks here - the use of single quotations are reserved for quotations within quotations. Let me exemplify:

"Bob, snälla, gå till affären. Eller vänta, det tänker du inte, du tänker väl svara nåt i stil med 'Nej, det tänker jag inte din gamla snabel' och sen går du väl hem!"

The underlined subordinate clause is the quotation within a quotation.
    Observant readers may have noticed this has very little to do with the original intention of this post. Let us go back to the Lantiroch (sindarin for White Wash Water):

I never bothered to remove saddles, reins and other man-horse-interface-thingies. It would have looked better. In hindsight.

Before anything happens, though, repainting will magically** occure... inspired by Ted Nasmith...

**) Or not so magic repaint. I was pondering to let someone else just paint some better water for me, but I should stay strong and try my best and maybe even learn a thing or two... Next up: Google images and water.

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  1. I have used a heap of woodland scenics realistic water - which will find its own level and dries clear... so if painted over the whole with this you would get a translucent glossy finish to the whole... they also do water effects, but this seems to dry opaque white... I cant comment on the citadel product, I have not tried it...

    I couldnt help try google translate, it came back with this:

    " Bob, please, go to the store. Or wait, you would not know, you think well say something like 'No, I'm not your old trunk' and then you go home well "

    it obviously didnt quite do a 100% job... ;-)

    I would suggest try the citadel effects on an old test model that you dont mind wrecking, and see what you think...
    Cheers Scott

    1. I'll do as you suggested and go with a test model and the old Citadel... I felt a bit lazy there, but you're right - besides, the bottle has been standing in the cupboard for a while, it could've gotten a bit milky or something. A test model is the way to go!

      And a little laugh slipped out of me; google translate is our friend! It was close enough, but here comes another version:

      "Please Bob, go to the store. Or wait a minute, you're not going to do that, are you - you're going to say something like 'No, I won't you old elephant's trunk' and then probably go home!"

      It seems the rules are the same for the quotations within quotations here and over there - we learned in school that there were other rules in the UK and/or USA... and internet has "proved" that many times, but when googling it, some grammar sites said it was the same as here... so I've been doing THAT right, at least...

      It is a rather peripheral subject, I agree with anyone claiming so, but still... ;)

  2. ah! the water horses! I love this model. I really need to find a way to try to duplicate one for my collection (*adds to list of about 387 other conversion projects*).

    I don't know anything about citidel's water product, but I've used woodland scenics - I would think it is likely to just run down the model and pool in the crevices. If you are trying to get an all-over "wet" look, maybe try 'ardcoat or a similar high gloss finish?

    buy by all means give the water effects a go on a test model. be sure to post pictures so we can see the results of your experiment. ;)

    1. Somehow I feel really proud to add to that list of 387 projects ;D

      Woodland Scenics seems to be the thing (2 of 2 comments, hehe)... Scott suggested covering a test model with the Citadel one that I own, which I'll do. Using 'ardcoat or (any) high gloss is an elegant idea and I still have some money left in this year's hobby budget, I didn't spend it all on drugs and alcohol, yet, so maybe I will support the (not-so) local GW-store and get me jar of the stuff! Appreciate your suggestions, I should add.