Army of Sigmar on a budget.

Obviously I am not playing AoS. Call it click-bait, call it a lie, it doesn't matter, because this model is technically Warhammer and hence Army of Sigmar-related. I might use it for my "extended" Lord of the Rings-game/-hobby-world that I am mildly immersed in.

The real model is shown to the left here. In case you missed the last blogpost (and I am quite sure you did - last time I checked there had been a whopping 10 unique IP:s "enjoying" that post, not the most interesting post it seems - personally I was very pleased with it, how I got the "special snowflake" crowbared into the whole post, but pearls for swines and Swedes).

I lost my "blueprint" for how the WHFB-flair-wings (snow-themed) were supposed to be attached to my home-made base wings and presto:

Tamiya fast-curing putty made it all well and fine. I am actually looking forward to paint this beast. Not the other one though, the fiery one... too diphikult...


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  1. I have started playing AoS note they've fixed the army lists and is silly but fun.

    1. It's a nice looking game in any case! :D

    2. Nice blog you've got over there, by the way!