War Turtle, painting of...

It could probably be painted in a lot of other cool colour schemes but I settled with a light green and some darks, and subtle reds in the gill-like things on it's tail and neck. Spot colour: Yellow (eyes). And slight yellow-ish claws.

This example was the first cast, and should really have gone into the bin, but it was nice enough for me to keep for myself, hence this paint-up, which I really enjoyed - the big shell was really nice to toy around with (I tried two other colour schemes just for relaxation). Since this was a test example, I removed zero mould lines (try to find them, you can't!) and did not bother to green stuff the end of the tail which is obviously missing due to air being trapped. The next cast I did lacked this problem, which was bretty kood.

This is a water-living giant turtle and it has some flora and fauna on it's shell. But not too much.
I have done zero with the base... plans include broken boats just to really tie it in with coastal affairs.

The shell in more detail. Contact me in the comments below and I will sell you one - the moulds turned out relly nice.

4 kommentarer:

  1. o, dit kyk so lekker... dis 'n mooi skilpaaietjie! En baaie oulik! It seems to have turned out very well!

  2. This turned out really well. The head ended up a success.


    1. It did turn out well. I thank you for your great help and input on the matter, it wouldnt have turned out as well as it did in the end!