Humans -> Archetypes -> Kitsch

There's a lot to say about this picture but I shan't. This is just a way for me to make way for the next post, whenever I will be able to get it out of me: When is a human culture reduced into rubbish, kitsch? When will GW use these as a template for extrapolation into some sort of Golden Feathers of the Primarch Stannis Barathian?

When will my dying culture be reduced into the equivalent of the Indians', and how can the so called Swedes above be used as an archetype in 40k? Seeing as they are the exact same thing in our time - politically, nota bene - as the Indian Chieftains* above were at the time the picture was taken? (The picture is colorized, found it on lmgur, not sure on the source from there on however)

Who knows and who cares, my point is: How is it that 40k, arguably one of the most popular tabletop wargames in the Western world** can rely so heavily on all these old, old grind-down archetypes - Eqyptians in space!? Do we like this? Things I knooow! Or is it just a way to appreciate culture and human stuff-thingies in a positive way? Is it even possible to get any customers in the mini-wargaming-world if one would just do something extremely alien and new?
    Granted, I know that people like to "indentify" with things and I am also aware of the saying about innovations: Take an old thing, mix it with another old thing and voila: New thing! But still, would it be extremely off-putting to try out something very new?
   Obviously, not I nor you could probably pull it off, but a big company perhaps? Or is it just a bad business-decision? Or is it that hard? To think of something truly different? Enlighten me on something truly new in the wargaming world (fantasy themed - not space things, please) that I have missed.

The above talk was not my original idea, I was just going to make way for another post for the weekend, so we will have to come back to the Indians later. 

*) The difference between the two groups is extreme. Look at the Swedish "men", ingratiating smiles, weak postures, weak faces, defensively putting their hands over their crotches, more hen than in a KFC...
**) There might be something in China which could potentially be bigger to my dis-knowledge, hence this caveat.

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  1. well space themed, tyranids, although that really is just a knock of the all the classical alien "bugs". However, I really enjoyed reading this article! hehe XD In my opinion the best lies are that with an element of truth to them, making them believable. Therefore the best fantasy (elaborate pointless lies -- but still awesome sauce!) are also more believable and more enjoyable perhaps, if we can realise elements of truth from our past, present or future in them.
    Sorry for the essay! ;D

    1. I think you are right on the money there when it comes to fantasy, hence why IMO LotR is wicked A - it feels believable. It is quite easy to suspend one's disbelief.

      Still, it would be nice with some truly weird and strange creatures. I might have to dust of the old Lovecraft. Have you read any H.P. yet by the by?