Great War Turtle!

Fastitocalon, rather. Upon perusing IP- and copyright-databases from the UK and the USA it seems that the word fastitocalon is only copyrighted if you would write a novel or something. But I could be wrong, hence the catchy and neutral new name: Great War Turtle. If anyone has a better name, please provide it in a comment below and you might get something wicked awesome in the mail.
     This is the first cast which I used to evaluate the moulds, and obviously some details are missing. Do not worry, it shall be fixed in the next cast.

Monotonous, yes, I know, so have some Asian bum-photograhpies.

You can see that the joints aren't really that tight...

... heeey-hooo - that's what she said! But seriously though dude, if you make sure that any sprue-parts are gone with the wind (don't do that, use wet tools or face-mask when dealing with stone-lung-inducing resin) then I think you will be okay. It still is a lot easier to assemble than, for example, the GW Mordor Troll in white metal.

Finally got to fix a new and better Cart of Everliving Flame - the iconic center-piece for Gondor. A vehicle that inspire the Minas Tirith troops and remind them of their inevitable and cherised death in battle. With everliving fires (pyres, really) and grand banners it rolls into battle.

Only question that remains design-wise: Shall it be flanked by soldiers/guards?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Guards optional imo and new name = Fastitokalon XD

    1. Hmm... so you are saying I have to sculpt some guards now to add insult to injury!? Did you also just assume my llama-gender?!

      Also, fastitokalon might actually noooot really work but by golly, I shall try it!