Base for Mordor Beast arrived

The base arrived to the hobbyshop, a massive 50 SEK it cost me! The base, shown below, will greatly reduce the feel of crappiness the former base sometimes would bless us with. Yes, yes, the flash was on when I took the picture and the GBoG looks dull and sticky (it looks slightly more alive IRL).

I have followed a person who assembled and painted a Great Beast Gorgoroth for someone else and he talked a lot - and well - about the painting, which I will try to copy. But for now, it is aaaight.

This is how you make a Great Beast of Gorgoroth look Great!

One little question lingers, though: I'll finally be able to retake the pictures of my Mordor army to show y'all, but there's not much to say about the bases, simple sand, painted gray and NO static grass. If you have a suggestion for this particular base, please, feel free to post a comment below.

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