Grand Army of Minas Tirith

Army of Minas Tirith. The Grand Army, that is. The yellow star dissapeared just when I had finished setting them up and so we have the normal bad image quality.

Games played so far: 3 of 100. Maybe I'll take the chance and get a game on now that my grand Gondor Army is out of the closet. I must say I am pleased with the overall look and the ten or fifteen or so sublte conversions - and of course my DIY projects. What is then bad with this particular Gondor army? The painting, of course. A company of the older Warriors of Minas Tirith even have silver coloured hair, and apparantly no belts or straps are made of leather but metal! This will need some repainting as well as two of the existing banners. Two banners aren't even attached to their bearers yet, but I think it looks grand enough. I have loaned out the Pelargir Veterans which contributed a nice splash of colour in all their redness.

I wish you all a nice weekend!

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  1. That's an impressive sight, they look great lined up together

  2. Thanks mate! Though, I never got to battle with them this evening :(