Upcoming projects.

Just an image to show you what's going on in the Llama world of hobby. Don't be afraid of the polyurethane copies, they are here to help us, not destroy our hobby. There are two other Perry Miniatures miniatures on the board that I forgot to write something about: Two helping lackeys for the camel dude (camel dude is located in the lower left corner) that will be made into some sort of sorcerers*. Now, I am off to an actual physical hobby meeting, in contrast to the cyber-hobbying I normally do.
    Have a nice weekend. Pay-day is here, also, so I suggest you blow it on some minis.

*) Expect an upload with an excerpt from the great show the IT-crowd where Douglas meets with a "sorcerer" in the Desert. We'll have to settle with the ending scenes of that particular episode.
     Damn good bloody good damn good show!

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