Thunderbolt Mountain minis

Thunderbolt Mountain miniatures. New and improved, go to the "30 mm" page for some sweet Elves.

Wood Elf Scout. Image from Thunderbolt Mountain.

The old webpage has disappeared and the new one seems to me as an improvement. After looking for his blog I found this URL, which likely will be changed to something catchier.

Other news that I do not have. It seems as there are so many other things to do right now - especially taking pics... which is my priority, especially after I've surfed, and found, so many great hobby blogs with excellent photos of nicely painted miniatures. Really inspiring to see all you hobbyists out there, doing all these great projects!

I shall also update the subpages on this blog soon enough. And with this, I leave you.

EDIT: Just updated the Angus McBride page.

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