Golden Warriors of Minas Tirith

Has anyone got a better picture of the Swordsmaster of Gondor? Caught a glimpse of him with his landsknecht-sword when I flipped thru the pages of the Kingdoms of Men in the FLGS. There was too much "funk" (not from me, I hope) for me to stay in that area so I never got a good look. If you have a picture, please link it in the comments.
          Todays subjects are not only these fine warriors (these are the ones I was talking about earlier, about how run down the plastic-injection moulds for the Warriors of Minas Tirith must be - they models were in a really bad shape, which you can see, if you can differentiate the bad models from my shaky painting) but also my camera. I took the time to start experiment with it and have finally found almost everything I need to take better pictures. Except some sort of elusive ISO-thingie which is impossible to find. It is said that this legendary ISO might be the reason why some pictures get a lot of white pixels evenly spread over the image.
          Back to the dudes. The inspiration is obviously from Battle Hosts. Considering to make a white and gold banner. You can see the banner bearer in the front. So that needs to be done. A LOT of tidying up, which the pictures actually helped me with, the faults are easier to spot when on images.

So, what do you think? Should the shields be white and gold, or should they stay black and gold? I will decide this ASAP since it is stopping me from tidying up the golden tree-logos (which I painted this way: A white undercoat. Then painted the shield black which might seem a bit backwards. Then silver, then brown on this and then a mixture of shining GW-gold and some silver paint. I think it could have been done by just painting it with just one coat of gold on a light brown basecoat. You live and you learn.

Noticed that blogger finally made it happen: I can finally make indentations instead of pressing enter twice to separate the different pieces of text. Now the blog will perhaps look less like a fourteen year old's school essay on a shitbook and maybe more like a thirty-or-so's very serious blog about minis.

Good day

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  1. Although this paint scheme isn't my favourite I think you've managed to pull it off since the gold is sort of framing the steel. I think you could go either way with the shields -- maybe give some special characters white shields? What did you end up doing?

  2. Many thanks. I must admit I am quite surprised you approve of the scheme. The shields stayed black, but the banner will be white with gold - although I read somewhere that white/silver and gold were never mixed back in the day... wonder why, maybe yellow and white were too difficult to distinguish from one another?