Goblin Warg Rider WIP

... and I'm back.

Just placed the home-sculpted and Homecast(tm) goblins on the wolf with the help of blue-tac. Tacky... that's what the "tac" stands for in blue-tac . Bet you didn't knew that.

And the Fenrisian Wolwes that will be serving as gigantic Wargs in the Misty Mountain army. Or is it called Moria, nowadays? Or Dwellers Below? I've been gone so long from the hobby that anything might have happened.

To all of you wondering how I've been I can just say this: Angola is a beautiful country with lots of wonderful people, it felt just like coming home. To Sweden, which was a problem when I actually got home. And then realized I really hadn't been to Angola - don't want to go there, never will: "rustic" country with "wonderous" people.

Ame omulongi fikola. Shilwapo nawa, b*tches!

*) Thanks to Gregory J Vogl for wasting his time on learning me Kwanyama, and in the words of the everliving Roger "I challenge you to find a bigger waste of time than that... "

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