Dragon Guard, phase 3!


Not finished with the very small amount of sculpting needed for this project.

Two bases are marked with questionmarks to indicate I have no idea what to put there. They will be some sort of fillers... not sure what... The circled area around the arrow:ed model is a remainder for me to put a little stone under his foot to get the posture I had originally planned.

Two or three of the helmets look really stupid so I will have to do something about that this weekend.

All in all these are turning out just slightly worse than I had imagined. Turns out this was not a particularly enjoyable project. What will be fun though, is the painting! I am looking forward to that.
      Have a nice weekend bloggers, readers and hobbyists and gentlemen (and the occasional gentlewoman).

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  1. I think you're doing yourself a great dis-service, these look like a cracking little unit for the tabletop, with loads of character and a few back stories going on. Keep it up and once they start getting a few licks of paint I hope you'll start to see a nice little project coming to fruition. I'm interested to see what you come up with Ref the two empty bases - perhaps a collection enemy heads or weapons or some such or perhaps a couple of prisoners to be peppered with arrows as human shields?

    1. "[] ... human shields?" Evil ;) It is a good idea, but I am such a niceguy I won't even have my dark-side Easterlings do such a thing - violence should be IRL, where it belongs, and more to the point, directed at some of my neighbours :O

      In all seriousness I have been toying with the idea of decorative weapons in a pile as you suggest, or perhaps some golden trinkets and details they've looted... Though, it seems I'll settle with some basic terrain on a base instead. But nothing is set in stone and currently they await some white primer!

    2. Whatever you decide to go with I'm looking forward to it and as I say, once you start getting some paint on these little fellows, flock the bases etc I think they'll look really good. Looking forward to seeing them undercoated, as its always hard to see the majority of detail on bare grey plastic.