Laureate Patrick Modiano - Nobel prize in literature 2014

Congratulations Patrick Modiano. What implications will this have on our hobby? Huge, I say!

The man without teeth. Always hiding the lack of teeth 
behind his golden hand..

The man with the golden hand (hand shown above). Also known as The Sculptor from Paris - Le Sculpteur d'Or de Paris. This man has sculpted most of the models in the Confrontation line and was now awarded with the Nobel prize in literature. Much like Klas Östergren, AKA the Strangler of Herring. We congratulate you, you prince of Wales, you duke of Herring.

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  1. I shall have to add to my post: I miss Horace Engdahl. Who doesn't? And this swed-beral, ex-secret police as well as ex-communist (what a weird mix - closest comparison I can think of is Vladmir Putin!) Peter Englund tries to fill Horace's shoes... it just doesn't work...