Finishing the Pelargir Beast

This magnificent fastitocalonical creature is also nearing completion. I am tinkering with the large base at the moment.

Army Painter's expensive Poison Ivy (or should I say poisson!) will work as seaweed. Some rather annoyed tries to make my own seaweed with paper resulted in a big vein on my forehead forming. Still, that particular project is not abandoned.

Dead or stranded fish to suggest that this is creature of the waters. The waters of the southern reefs of Pelargir? No, not really... but sort of... or something. Okay, I don't know where Pelargir was placed by mr Tolkien, if it was a river city or harbour.

Speaking of fish, this wonderful meal consisting of home-fished white fish (sik, whatever it is called more specifically in English) and home-plucked svamparélles - in English: funnel-shaped mushrooms - and wonderful factory-grown broccoli was my dinner yesterday.
    With instagram-esque food-pictures, we continue with something else, equally vulgar and populasish, Warhammer! I have bought me a box of cheap (!) Warhammer Dark Elves Corsairs to remix/convert/modify into Easterling Dragon Guard. See the difference there? Guard - not Knight!

They will fit pretty well with the new versions of the Easterling Kataphracts when it comes to size. Design-wise, well... that's my mission for the nearest hobby evenings. It shall prove a mighty task to crowbar these into the aesthetics of Middle-Earth as depicted in The Movies. I am currently collecting bits. Dragons, Rhûn, gold and Easterlings in general are the themes.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Looks good enough to eat :-)

  2. I can't wait to see the beast finished.

    1. You might have to wait, I want to make something else at the moment - that's the good thing with hobbies when compared to paid things, like work - one doesn't have to finish anything.

      But of course, I shall have to finish it. Worst part is, I want to remodel parts of the shell... and that means GS:ing and then re-prime it and repaint the shell!


      I'll just prioritize the Easterling Dragon Guard instead...

  3. Most impressed with your Pelagir beastie, its come on very well. Best of luck with those Corsair conversions, will watch with interest.

    1. Thanks! I am having serious problems with the conversion project... They are quiet large models as well. As always, we shall see how it pans out!