Painting the War Statues, last phase!

Closing in. We are nearing the end of this project. I need to conform the bases on the two automatons to the rest of the Rhûnish army, but that army is placed in a storage unit and can for the mo' not be reached!

Attentive (or is it attentative?) readers might notice that one of the crew lacks weapons, and the reason behind this wonderful and rather pacificist-weaponlessness is due to me considering putting an ugly banner in his little plastic hand, but this did obviously not happen.

I am forcing myself to fix the banners that are attached to the stone-machine, but it's super boring... that's what a real manly man's hobby should be, of course, super boring so that he scares away children, spouses and other assorted human beings so that he might enjoy his own company. Remember kids, life isn't always fun. Funny, yes, but not always enjoyable, and this is one of those times.

The black marble is still a work in progress, though I am having problems with the actual progression! The leather was dyed in a dark green hue by the Easterling dyers, because they had read somewhere in Gondor's big inter-scroll-library that green is a complementary to red and was trying to tie in the red with the gold and black. I think they did okay. No one knows how the tusks are attached to the creature, not even me...

Still undecided on this particular War Statue's weaponry or if he'll get a shield. Or two!

Started working on the base for the goodguy-beast, the Pelargir Beast. If anyone has a better name for this creature, please, do indulge me...
    Plans for the base included water, sea-weed and fishing utensils to further the picture of the ocean around Pelargir. Today I just settle for some round rocks and three dead fish.

Apparently, these little vaktel-ägg's are called quail-eggs. Never heard the English word before, so thank you goggle -o-o translate-. Reminds me of the word veal, another word seldomly used in my world. Anyways, it looks more like a seagull-egg, but it is not. These are some good eggs when compared to hen-eggs - but they're still just eggs. An egg is an egg. 1-2-2, 2R3.

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  1. Really enjoying these posts and I think these brutes are really coming together nicely. Your colour scheme is certainly making everything tie-in well together. Looking forward to the banner when you give it to your pacifist :-) Looking forward to the next posting...


    1. Brutes! That's what they are. Easterling Stone Brutes! Finally got the name settled, thanks mr Blaxkleric! Consider yourself added to the long list of bloggers ->


  2. Fascinating build on these automatons. I am guessing you will use them in game with rules similar to Great Beast of Gorgoroth?

    1. Thanks! You are guessing correct - though I want less special rules than the SBG one, also, I've never published my WotR-version of the GBoG-rules, which needs to be done so I can get me some feedback and THEN do the rules for these Automatons :)