Painting the Dragon Guard

Sorry Blaxcleric, I have no better pics of these fellas when in their underpants only (undercoated) - I undercoated them and got straight into smearing on the basecoats, so they look a mess...
     Black boots on white undercoat, gold details and armour on brown basecoat. Just literary smeared it on - I have developed my own way of painting that works pretty well for me. At least I get things done and in normal cases within (what I consider) acceptable tabletop standard.

Not much to show, but WIP-pics is something I enjoy, so you're welcome. Or more correctly: I'm welcome.

The circled in guys are the least LotR-y looking and the most WHFB-looking. Not sure on the OtT-hornblower, but the horn kind of reminds me of a dragon, and these guys are sort of rocking that theme so we'll just go with it I suppose...

2 kommentarer:

  1. Great start Llama and good to see some paint on these guys and... dragon. I love these WIP-pics too so please keep posting them. I'm interested to see how your style pans out as well, everyone seems to paint things so differently :-) Definitely looks like a dragon-horn to me as well, so really in keeping with the theme of this unit.

  2. That's great to hear! I shall have to get it on with, then - I tend not to procrastinate, but this time I must admit using my freetime for FTL rather than WotR. It seem like as long as it has a nerdy abbreviation I'm game :D