Painting Easterling Dragon Guard

Slow progress. Rain is falling. The ministry has fallen.
    The images should be in order, but aren't... do not be deceived by the progress or illusion thereof.

On some images I have applied washes and on some not. My intention is to probably make the cloaks more gray than green... whatever...
   Still, the cloaks are beautiful and it would not be optimal to not take advantage of their nice detailing.

I am experiencing some minor difficulties at the moment that I am trying to deal with, and in order to come to a satisfying conclusion of said difficulties I need to concentrate on these matters instead of hobby or anything else, in fact.
     You could also say that I am punishing myself [by removing all fun distractions] in order to get things done. You know, when the carrots do not suffice, the cane has to, because if it will not, you'll shoot the donkey and that is not good economics. Also, that is why some people still whip a dead horse - there still might be something in there...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Great stuff Llama. The gold and green work superbly well together, and as you say, those cloaks are lovely. The units really coming on great guns. Hope you resolve your difficulties soonest and I look forward to another posting once you're 'back in the game'. :-)

    1. I hope to be back in the game (pun intended and stolen from you, hehe) ASAP. I have made necessary arrangements and am awaiting certain markets to crash or stabilize, until I make my move :)

      And thank you on the positive colour-critique!

  2. great job on the easterlings, the gold and green looks great on the easterlings.

    1. That is good to hear. I intend to darken the green a bit, and then slowly work up the detail WHFB-models are, for me at least, easier to paint than pure LotR-models.