Phase III: Easterling War Statues

Beloved child has many names, and this plastic thing's got a lot of names as well: Rhûn Automaton, Warsphinx-ripoff, War Statue, Easterling War Statue and maybe another name. Not really that many names, come to think of it.

If you wonder why the hanging banners are undynamic, then I can inform you it has to do with the upcoming freehanding that I will be doing; same boring but iconic motif as on the rest of banners in my Rhûn army: A staring center-of-the-eye (pupill på svenska - in English, pupil, perhaps... ) on a golden diamond-shape that symbolizes something I have forgot what it was by now.

Touching up the verdigris bronze-gold is next in line. I have now washed and painted the black marble four times and I still haven't gotten any better at it.

 I would very much like to remake the tassels but I just CBF, as the kewl kids say.

It looks different from the original without being too off, so to speak, which is exactly what I was hoping for. There are some truly well painted and highly detailed original Khemrian Warsphynxes examples (the idiotic spelling with the "y" is how GW spelled it, but when I search for "warsphynx" I get a lot fewer results than when searching for the un-copyrighted "sphinx") and I have to bite my tonuge, or nails or just bite in whatever, to not add weird colours and highlight various details on the armour... the original model was decorated to say the least...

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