Rhûn Automaton: Phase Two Painting

Things are getting too spicy for the pepper as this project goes into phase two. Well, not really, no... it is, however, still an amusing project, but it feels like it is more trodding along rather than flying ahead on wings of creativity. Dare I say it feels nearly like a job? No, I dare not.
    Lots of pictures tonight...
I have finally made this year's second, and last, order from figurspel.se to get some pieces needed to finish the base of mr Pelargir-turtle himself. 
     One might wonder why this creature wasn't based on something more mere-wyrmy than what is seen above, and the reason behind is of course it is a creature for the good guys, and the good guys in our Western civilisation way of thinking just cannot look too weird or ugly. This is no beauty, but it is un-ugly enough to be considered and later used as a servant. 
       This is an interesting side of our culture that we, of course, share with other human cultures - but it is also something that got me thinking of some niche-cultures, sub-cultures, such as the Freemasons's imagery that is filled with grotesque and unsound imagery - an imagery which weirdness was often reinforced by the older days need for secrecy that meant that some poorer lodges here in Sweden employed craftsmen that weren't true professionals (I was told during an open house at the local Freemason lodge that this is one of the reasons; some of the earlier works displayed were made of people that were neither journeymen and certainly not of master's degree - which is very ironic, considering the order's origin!) - as well as the huge mainstream culture in India, in the semi-religious depictions of gods and rituals as well as humans: There are some creature-things so grotesque that they are bordering ugliness, but they still are seen as benevolent forces which, as far as I can tell when it comes to us humans, is quite unusal. To be a good human, you need to be not ugly - not necessarily beautiful, but just not weird or ugly. Annoying but true.
    Which of course leads me to this little sidetrack: 

This creature, some sort of bird-Tzeentch-thing, reminds me a bit of the evil god of the kingdom south of Narnia (ever so slightly), and considering Games Workshop's inability to design anything from their own minds (this is a trait that is very common in all businesses, but it needs be illuminated when it comes to GW since some of its fanboys are so uneducated that they time and time again miss the obvious cultural references - sometimes these imitations are so badly camouflaged or shallow that it is truly amazing that the Warhammer world can be seen as anything but a 14 year old boy's ideas - harsh critique, but again, blame it on some of the almost illitarate fans!) it probably is - or its design is just stolen from some Indian temple.
    Vicious sidetracks aside, this rather weird creature reminds me a lot of some of the central Indian religious culture and I want to make my own version - just as a  hobby project - no rules for WotR! But if I would try to crowbar it into WotR (a great sin, yes, I am aware of that) which Valar would you tie it to? Do you have any ideas? Yavanna? Or the Death God?
    To clearify: I would make this as an avatar of some of the more dubious Valar (not that any except Melkor and the later incarnations and servants ever were dubious, as far as I know) - not necessarily an evil one, despite it's looks.

Ugly birds aside. Here is what's been done on the Rhûn War Statues. This particular statue has got a weird bum and it annoys me greatly that I never attached the tail. I might do that later, but right now I just want to finish this.
 Verdigris added. Still not decided on how to arm him - or whether or not equip with a shield or something...

Some WIP:s in no particular order...

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