Sculpting a Pelargir Beast

Before I type anything I should inform readers and fellow bloggers that I do not have Google+ which seems to effectively make me impotent when it comes to commenting and ranting on you people with Google+. Just letting you know. I love ranting on your blogs, but it is impossible for me until I figure this one out. Also, I should perhaps also try to figure out how one "follow"... ah, the wonders of internet...

Haven't come up with any rules, I suspect this is just a hobby project. No mentions of a howdah yet? Don't worry, it will come to it, I am sure - just look at most of my other projects... howdah this and howdah that... howdah'yado... ?

The reason why the beast looks a bit weird feet-wise is because I have planned him to get a wicked-rad-awesome base (or at least a sufficiently dynamic enough base so that he looks like he is crawling out of a rocky coast).

In contrast to the bastiladon which was the design I borrowed a lot from (well, ripped, actually Dolan), this critter will get a more turtle-like look. Or more tortois, it should be... despite the swim-skin between the toes, which undoubtedly is a trait more common on turtles. Or is it tortoises that live in water?

The back is slightly warped, for some reason... I didn't see this when making the sculpey-base. It doesn't matter though, it will get a hard shell that covers this un-green-stuffed part of the back.

Swim-skin added...

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  1. Shaping up nicely!
    Its pretty easy to create a google ID then you open up all the Google+ communities and blogger commenting too...

    1. Thanks for info - I am afraid it will ruin this blog somehow... I will have to look into this matter deeper, treat it more like rocket science (my poor brain), he!