Painting a Pelargir Beast for LotR

Wooooh! Painting and painting... but mostly "renovating" parts of an old house. Renovate as in slap on some white colour here and there. In the evening, I try to get in an hour of painting models. This time, I managed to get ALL this in: Painting the warsphinxes, painting the Pelargir Beast, renovating a house AND buying special paper to make cards for a certain project.

No, seriously, I am in fact helping with renovations... I do have some time to spare, but I just don't spend it on miniatures these days!

... and why do that when you can behave like a total idiot, like 80-90% of Sweden's population. This man (shown in the image above) used to be a really entertaining comedian, but I suppose we cannot always stay on top. Sometimes we just have to wear a red wig and laugh, clearly intoxicated, and roll around on a big notebook with salad everywhere.
Just like Pippi, the old longstocking dude, with teeth as white as an [11][11][11]-meeting.

Anyways, this is the paint-scheme I was inspired by. I changed it quite a lot in order to get it more suiting to Lord of the Rings/War of the Ring.

There are sooo many things left to do with this model and it's base, but I feel it is really going the right way with the painting. Mr Robert Audin asked whether it would be crewed and I still do not know... I want to. I love howdahs. Hodor...

Also, I started painting on the Khemrian Warsphynx/Rhûn Automaton and the Rhûn Automaton without crew. The brown parts will be painted gold. The white parts will be some sort of marble-imitation or just a black stone-look, sort of diabas-like coloured, which of course, is a very heavy black. Classic mix of colours: Red, gold and black, which not-so-incidentally, is the colour of the Easterlings in general.

This is the model of my sorrows. I should have given it a tail. It really looks double-plus un-good in certain places. But for some reason, painting these few light basecoats was great fun... despite the model being not so nice. The feet that was just hastily sculpted will be hidden behind some tufts of static-grass.
    See you later blogigators.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Very cool, coming on very well, I like what you are doing here :)

    1. Thanks Scott! It is truly enjoyable to paint these things!

  2. The painting scheme on the pelargir beast couldn't be better, looking great!


    1. That is very nice to hear, I have been having second thoughts. Then it is settled, I'll keep working on this one!