Rhûn Automatons or Perpetu(u)m Mobile?

The project that kept taking my time. Most of the time I just sit there and stare at the two stalinistic oranges in front of me. Sometimes I let go a tiny sigh...

The statue without the howdah is getting decorated like a kataphrakt horse. Sort of. A lion's body looks a lot different to a horse's bod' so I am not sure that the tassels (google translate to the help! Tassel/tofs is not something you learn in English class for some reason) really fit the bill... the size on those tassels (that's what she said) are huuuge! 
     I have actually seen tassels as big as those above when visiting Pakistan... those Pakistanis sure know their tassels. They know how to pimp their rides, Alvin Joiner (the disabled man from Pimp my Ride) can literay go have intercourse with himself when compared to any male Pakistani aged 12-102 when it comes to ride-pimping.

Pimp my Automaton, season 08, episode 07, download on TPB now!

But how to arm this big guy... Fists alone? Tusks pointing towards the enemy? Shooting fire from the mouth?

The howdah is not going well. It is such a ramshackle design when compared to the actual automaton. But I might have some fluffy explanation for that... We shall see...

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