Neverending story: Bastiladon - Pelargir Beast

The project that kept on projecting. Rarely do I start a project as unplanned as this one - I figured I'd just use GW:s design and "modify it"... and that's where one could have hoped my hobby experience would have kicked in and said: Yeah... the modifying part is kind of where it needs to be planned. Not winged."

But wing it, I did.

Some form of shells will be added on the front legs, just like on the stupid Bastiladon. Still, I have been enjoying this project. It is nearing completion, though, and that makes papa Llama feel good.

Insert big sigh here... this is just... I don't know... When I start painting it, I am pretty sure it'll look surprisingly more... like... more acceptable, or something.

Moving pictures and internet-looks from the '90s!
The post below this one was a rather sprawly article that touched on more than a few subjects, but that just proves I am not one of the scum (The journos! The reference is somewhere in there, in the youtube clip... it is a great episode of Filthy, Rich and Catflap so you might as well watch the whole piece) - and add almost no editing of the text to that! That is not how one of the scum tries to convey a message.

And just to end on an even happier note: Look at that little thing. That liddle toof! These little things used to hang around in my banlieu (RIP in pieces you shithole - I am not missing my old place!), well, not these baby-hedgehogs (I am thinking Sonic here, too lazy to google whether these stingy, living pinecones really are called hedgehogs... for some reason I'm thinking porcupines?) but older ones. They were sometimes a bit grumpy but still quite curious about some of us humans.

And this wheelbarrow (above) goes out to my military friend who recently returned from duty in Africa (obviously not Angola!) - he said it was like this sometimes. It looks pretty similar to how our bureaucrats work in old Sweden, the difference being that it is cold here and the socialist bureaus shuffle papers instead of sand. So, welcome back mr ******, nothing is different from where you came. Even the mosquitos are the same. Sort of the same:

Before ending, an open question to the family-men that reads this blog: Where can I find this interesting and seemingly rather progressive movie, apparently from Disney or likewise:

Whilst the plotline might seem a bit childish, it seems it has some adult themes that might cater to me. (Super silly, I know, but still... )

- - -

EDIT: Still can't differ quiet from quite...

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