The Pelargir Beast and the Two Automatons

Playing tonight, on Your table!
    Minor update, not a lot has been done. I typically get 40 minutes per day to work on these beasts and now my green stuff is running out and nowhere in Sweden can I buy they good kind: The GS in separate tubes... I will have to bite in the sour apple (sour grapes, or something like that is the equivalent expression in the Anglican world, I have heard) and go down the FLGSLSLSGLFLG or however it is abbreviated and get me some of that bad half-and-half that turns green in the middle. Oj, oj, what problems a man have to endure...

Do or do not, as old Dumbledore used to say, but now he and Porthos and Athos are resting in their shallow graves and can not help me further on this acute green stuff-matter.

I have been working with the head a bit. It will turn out alright, I think. But now, I would like to take this moment and give some hate to blogger which insists on automatically add a single space after each blank line I add while typing... go flak yourself, whoever programmed this - and while you are at it, take ALL the idiots who cannot type pro-
and  instead write
a poem
instead of writ-ing like a
normal person.
      You guys are the reason why Open Office, MS Word and Write and all those other word-processors have all those idiotic presets that litteraly annoys the shit out of me when I try to type. Making a list? Let me help you with that and make it into a shit-list... GO *!#1@ ***selves! ALL OF YOU! Why is it that the entire world of "apps" (a word that is so annoying in itself) and software in general is turning into some sort of cyber-Sweden where everyone is getting spoiled and curled (from curling, when even the tiniest of obstacles are sweeped before you) from age 0 (unless you are turned into an abortion which for some reason is super-awesome in this country - which of course doesn't surprise anyone when you think of the sentences murderers get here - typically around 9-10 years for a super-planned ultra-violent hammer-murder!)
    Rant NOT over. I have more to say, but let's just continue with the howdah-carrying Rhûn Automaton:

Magnets are our friends, and as such, we shall put them under our soles. All crew will be magnetized via the cunning use of feet-magnets.

Sides will be decorated with beautiful and not especially realistic PVA-paper fabric. But wait, it gets even better: After that, I will place paper-shields on top of the paper-fabric to make a Fantastically Flimsy Fucker-hodwah(TM).
    After all this teen-angst swearing, I should probably go get some sleep, so good night.

Good night!

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