Demaratos honest answer

Upon reading a few more pages of Herodotos I stumbled upon this beautiful quote:

"'[] ... they will certainly oppose you in battle. And you need not ask to their number in order to consider how they could possibly do this, for if there are 1000 of them marching out, they will fight you, and if they number more or less than that - it makes no difference - they will fight you all the same.'
    When Xerxes heard this, he laughed and said: 'Demaratos, how can you make such a statement - that 1000 men will fight my troops!'"

Also, I am painting on the three monsters that are on the workbench. Perhaps an update or two will follow this minor Euro-centric update. We will see, I have some more square-meters to paint (walls, not models or miniatures) and an unseen episode of the new season of South Park!

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