Painting the Pelargir Beast

Painting has begun. Enjoy fellow hobbyists the fruits of my sculpting labours. The paintscheme is copied from someone else, some sort of pro-painter... stupidly enough, I should add, since this flopper won't fit in especially well with the Pelargirs that I in some far future will sculpt or convert.

Yes, this thing is not done yet. We can look forward to another two hours of sloppy painting before it's done.
      I need more green stuff to finish the base. That or I try to make it with Super Sculpey... Not sure how hard I am going to push the seafarer thing, though... Blah-blah-blah, I should probably just concentrate on finish painting it. Good night good readers.

2 kommentarer:

  1. He looks very cool will he have riders?

  2. Thanks! I am not sure whether I will make some sort of handlers or riders or even a howdah for him. The ideas are there, circling around, but... hm... I can't see them clearly, so painting goes first, just to treat me a bit after this sculpting and the Sisyphos-feeling of converting and sculpting the Khemrian Warsphynxses into Automatons.