Sculpting a Pelargir Beast...

... entering phase two and a half. Below, you can see what has been done this evening. Please note that the creature will be given a somewhat scenic base with sea-grinded rocks and hence the creature's feet has been positioned accordingly (which is why it looks as it is floating). I believe the word for sea-grinded rocks en masse is esker, yes?

This is where the project is turning into more of a problem rather than an enjoyment: I am lazy and rarely do I want to redo things. But this time, it is needed. Please, keep reading and you will be enlighted on this highly important matter:

The turtly scales, which in fact are supposed to look more like a shell rather than a collection of saurus-armour pieces, were placed according to a grand plan (seen below) but something happened when it was time to place the last scales. I had unfortunately moved the whole shell almost a centimeter towards the back since it didn't place well around the beast's weird neck and shoulders. This made wrong parts of the shell being glued at bad places.
    Below follows some work in progress-pictures.

Shell being planned.

Jaw being cut open to place better teeth.

Before placement of scales.

Most of the beast is done. I am sort of happy with it. The design was obviously borrowed from a certain company's certain lizard-beast. I have done some changes in order to better introduce it to Middle-Earth. No rules as of yet. Not even sure if I'll make a howdah... it feels like most of my DIY-projects involve howdahs or some form of troop carrying capability: The High Elf Chariot, Great Beast of Gorgoroth, Swan Sky Chariot, Rhûn Automaton and now the Pelargir Beast. To be honest, I had even planned a whimsical cave troll and a master blaster on top. I sobered up and forgot the idea.

Left leg (ringed in red) is small because there will be blood... no, there will be scales there. And the right ring shows the not-so-good planning of scales.
      I intend to add some protrusions on the scales. After studying a bunch of turtle-images I have an idea that might work for Lord of the Rings without being too much. Also, the way I am trying to "admit" this being into Middle-Earth is by trying to associate it with a smaller version of a fastitocalon, despite this thing not looking at all like the popular image of said fastitocalon (not sure of the name, it might be spelled differently).

That's it for now. Can't wait to paint this!

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