Issues with surveillance, Google+ and removal of an account

When I was checking the status of my Google+ account, which I rarely do, I noticed that some information that was not supposed to be there had leaked in. This was information supposedly deleted before 2007.
     We all know how everything stays on the internet, but this was just silly, so I decided to delete the Google+ account, regardless of how it would limit my possibilites to complain and comment on other blogs. Removal of my Google+ account would work fine I thought, as I had tried to remove a semi-fake account with a fake-blog attached to it - which I of course did before connecting this blog with Google+ (in order to make some pointless comment on someone else's blog), but tonight, Google wanted to remove my blog, all the uploaded images and all the texts published on this blog. No other options were available, in a way that I could only interpret as a way to make people that felt "too invested" to remove themselves from this FRA/NSA-haven...
    Of course... once you're in with the hydra, it never releases you... unless you accept death in return. Death in this overly dramatic example, of course means removal of my blog!
     This can of course not be tolerated by a paranoid blogger such as myself, so I will stop updates on blogspot and move my well trained bum elsewhere on the net. Also, I will stop using anything remotely affiliated with Google and other similar 1984-thingies... A bit of an over-reaction, but a prudent reaction, I do think, especially considering the fact how dissidents are persecuted in my shit-country Sweden. Fuck you Aftonbladet.

I will update this post later this month with the new platform-adress, if a better one exist. If not, I will bite the sour apple and stay here and eat my words.

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  1. I agree with you I do not trust Google+ and have limited my account as much as I can but may need to think about not posting on those who use Google+ for blog comments!

    1. Yes, it is silly.

      The reason I am over-reacting is because some weird political persons have been chasing "net-haters" - people with a different political view than themselves - and it is getting silly, just stupid - and to have semi-personal stuff leaking out for even a lay-man to see is not what I like.

      Just because one doesn't have much to hide doesn't mean one will open the door to one's bedroom for all the guests to see.