Moving to wordpress...

This will be the last post on jaows.blogpost.com. I have changed up, e-mail and stuff. Using ***, as well as started a more intense encrypting, as well as being better at having a separate computer for important stuff that is always off-line. Also, made some changes elsewhere. Adapt and regroup, or whatever it is called. 

 Li Keqiang in one of his super-fine suits, which 
I could litery walk over corpses to own (the suit, that is).

It is interesting how lax we all are when it comes to internet. I have very little to be ashamed of, I am posting about wargaming - but it is the principle! How on earth does old - supposedly deleted - information jump back via Google+? Never have I thought that the powers that be left us alone, nor have been so naive to belive that the same people wouldn't check my diary under my pillow - no, I am just weirdly annoyed with them being so bold to not even try to hide the fact: My bed that was made is now clearly disturbed, and the little lock on my pink diary has been broken.

New address is - yes, yes, they are nearly the same - on Wordpress. There are some fundamental differences, such as not being affiliated with Google+:  WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It was first released on May 27, 2003, by founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. It is being developed continuously by the WordPress Foundation [info cut from internet, somewhere, perhaps Wikipedia].

Wordpress really likes Facebook. Facebook is not a good thing, nor is the oblivious behaviour of people using FB a good thing, but what can you do - I will try to stay as far away as possible with my new accounts.

So, it goes: Automattic is owned by Wordpress Foundation, which in turn is owned by some shady, probably ultra-liberal, post-natal abortionist, leftist Frankfurt-schoolers, I.E. NSA or SÄPO or GRU - probably Vladimir Putin himself or perhaps mr Li Kechkiangs (Keqiang). But I can't be bothered with this further, I just want out of Google+.

Further on, Wordpress has her own problems. Most notably, besides a few security problems of old, are the need to learn HTML to make a text that doesn't mimic a 19 year old "woman" typing up an essay for her gender studies... So expect some shitty formatting in the beginning.

New address is https://llamaringwar.wordpress.com/. Llama's War of the Ring moves to here.

After 991 comments (of which over 9000 probably are by made by myself, or at least 50%) and nearly 500 posts of which 60-70% actually are of okay quality; and after nearly 170 000 H.I.T.S (How Idiots Track Success) or pageviews, as it were, I am leaving this place. Jaows.blogspot leaves his wife and 53 followers behind. R.I.P. in pieces, LOLOLLLOLOLL!!!!111one!1*

*) A fitting eulogigigio (or whatever it is called) for the Internetzzzz lolz lolz upboat kekekeke

- - -

The full transition will take a few days, but I have already put a sock in the biggest breaches and already lost a bunch of info, but I intend to take care of some of the posts which I like.

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