Wood Elves!

Since there is only one phase left on Thranduil's sculpt (namely the antlers), I have started to work on a project that is related to the king of Woodsies: Wood Elves - be it from Mirkwood or Lorien! My old project was called Edhedu (from Sindarin, though I've lost the translation of it), a way for me to crowbar in some WHFB-models which I liked, and still do like.
     Today, I post this in an effort to force me to finally finish the project, but in a better way than first intended. This time, I have a dream to make the whole army usable for either Mirkwood or Lorien. As one or two of you dear readers might remember, mr FoB was so kind and gifted me a box of beautiful Mirkwood Palace Guard for my big b-day, and I have every intention to make a themed tray for them and use them in a battle or two. Also, I have got some unassembled Galadhrim warriors and knights which crave usage on the battlefield... still unassembled...

I have removed this old guy's 60mm base and replaced it with a homecast 64mm base. It lacks vegetation.

I cut myself! It looked like a happy mouth, so there you go...

When searching for inspiration I found this Napoleonic diorama with a really well done grassy terrain, something to strive for... Also, it doesn't hurt that the picture is well taken. Something I still am totally incapable of doing.

Scale-match of my sort-of homemade/DIY Thranduil's size contrasted versus Galdriel the Godess. Her spouse, I cannot for my life remember what his name is. Ever!

I can remember reading about Galadriel storming The Necromancer's keep somewhere, and that they used all sorts of battle-stuff, as well as magic to fight him... in the movies, it was just dueling. Cool, yes, but not what I had waited for. So, I am currently planning my own "official" Galadhrim War Catapult (LoME) and am currently constructing this super-woody catapult. Semi-living. We'll see how it turns out. Indentations are made for two crew.

Unpainted, really large Giant Eagle from The Hobbit-SBG-line. The base for it used to be occupied by a WHFB Warhawk which I got for a really good price. It has been since demoted to filler in the big Wood Elf-warband.

Swans got their wings redone since I had the opportunity to watch some flying swans and noted that their individual feathers are impossible to discern from one-another; just smoothed the wings with GS.

I've also demolished the old and clumsy sky chariot. A new one is taking form.

This has to be favourite homemade model. Made out of polystyrene and pure happiness. Look at that little face! It is an animated púkelman, a stone guardian.

Not finished with Thranduil's face. His sword is a bit on the large side... So are his rings, but that is just according to the movies. They actually look quite alright! Always something to be proud of!

One day my pictures and painting will be like this (picture from Warseer, thread "Every Tzeentch model ever made").
Not sure how to go further with this WHFB-bird. It is not even done paint-wise... It is heavy and keeps breaking off the transparent pin.

Typical forest filler. Not sure of it's place in the army, but it is made purely from scratch and I am proud of it and want it in the army. The majority of the army can be seen below:

This is the paint-state they are all in. Black, blue and basecoated faces.... not sure how to harmonize them with the Mirkwood Palace Guard and Galadhrim Warriors and Galadhrim Knights. That, my friends, is the question!
    Have a nice weekend hobbyists and addicts, alike!

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  1. Its Celeborn,
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    1. Hey Andy, sorry for the late reply! Thanks for your comment. Am back now on blogger, and that is just as fine, since wordpress was a hassle for a computer-illiterate as myself :D