Sculpting Thranduil the Man-crusher on Stag

I am beginning to get a serious man-crush on Thranduil after perusing a dozen pictures of him in order to better this limping sculpt. I suppose it is only a side of my narcissism (with Thranduil being close to a mirror image of myself with the long, golden hair and so forth). The sculpt is going in the right direction, but very slowly so... Mr FoB gave me some pointers, albeit very slow ones, but still, they eventually arrived.

Okay... looking... good?

In this picture I had started to work on the cloak as well as building up some parts and pieces of the armour.

Repositioned on the saddle, a bit closer to the elk and also a bit further down. Arms attached, mock-up shoulder-armour sculpted - view them as '80s shoulder-thingies...

A very cool and relaxed Thranduil on his giant moose. Here I have added some GS on his cloak, or mantle, rather.

Here I've started to work on his shoulder pads. Shoulder pads à la 40K. Armour is missing all the flutings. The flow of the fabric looks fine, at least when it comes to our hobby. He sits fine on the elk, I think. Well, stands...

I used this thin curtain to try to see how fabric would flow on a rearing elk. Worked not so well.
    The armour has been reworked since the pictures above were taken, by the by, but no updated ones could be find on the phone. 

Tomorrow will be lost since I managed to get me into a weird date with the wrong woman! These things occasionally happen in my life, and I have learnt to take it with a shrug of my shoulders: Also, if it weren't for my immature behaviour, I would not have anything to cringe to. Cringing is funny if you do not really care.

PS) Hahahah! Look at the Elves in the top of this update and pretend you are a Japanese and look at their noses! Is THIS how our European noses looks like? Gigantic, straight things that stick straight out of our faces?! Suuuuper funny! Ah, racism! 

It reminds me of an old work-mate who lived in Japan for three years with her husband, when they'd gotten their firstborn and she rode the subway or commuter train: The Japanese schoolgirls and mothers would come forward and touch the baby's non-existant (in our eyes) nose and say "Kawaiiii!" and giggle. My work-mate said they thought her firstborn girl's nose was cute because it protruded 2 mm more than the average Japanese nose XD

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  1. he's coming along great Llama. your sculpting skills are quite amazing.

    1. Thanks mr el Zorro! I try to better myself when it comes to sculpting, but it is taking time so it is always nice to hear some kind words!