Phase Phive, Phranduil...

This project seems to take it's time with me...

When it was time for the GS that is attached to Thranduil's mantle and the upper arms, it had nearly cured without my knowledge - I believe I was making dinner and forgot about how much time that had actually passed, It was without a doubt the most annoying time I have ever experienced in sculpting - furious, I was, because the idiot-GS wouldn't stick on the cloak because of the vaseline/olive oil-residues that I'd used as a release agent for my sculpting tools at earlier stages in this project, which of course wasn't the true reason: No, the GS was hardening whilst I was trying to attach it and wasn't pliable enough.
     It reminded me of Peter Griffin when he tried to get a dead frog out of his house using a piece of cardboard, pushing it up against a wall and towards a window. Except this wasn't funny, just hell. So, I've just went through hell.

But eventually the crap stuck and I settled for the next best thing and never redid it. Then I got some white paint on it, as I usually do in the ending phases of a sculpting project in order to "see better", which now, evidently was a bad idea. It is also impossible to get a decent picture with the camera when everything is white and I insist on putting it under my daylight bulb AND use flash on my camera.

His forehead [fo'rri(t] got some GS, as was done on the foot-and-unarmoured version of Thranduil I made earlier this year. But this time, some space was saved for the little tiara-crown that Thranduil likes to wear when he fights orcs and goblins and trolls and dwarves and giant worms.

Extensions, I believe it is called amongst the female part of the human population.

The elk is currently female. The last part of this project should involve sculpting new antlers and a giant dong so we can all see that Thranduil rides into battle on a guy and not a girl.
     Not sure on the sword... it is a bit on the long side and I am on the fence whether or not I should try to sculpt the decorations that we can see in the movies...

4 kommentarer:

  1. You are out doing yourself on this project its fantastic!

    1. You think so? Thanks! Still, I am a bit reluctant visavi his chunkiness, but hey, there's always a next time ;)

  2. This is simply outstanding green-stuff work Llama. Thoroughly enjoying these posts :-)

    1. Thanks man! That is encouraging to read! :D