Sculpting Thranduil - Phase 3!

Only five phases left. He is still missing his sword and pieces of armour as well as missing a scabbard (to sheat his sword in; am I using the right word here?).

Took me the liberty to look up some stirrups and saddles for once - although the Elves did not need such things in the books, the new [movie] canon seems to disregard that fact so we'll go with that then...

This is a good picture to get a look at his armour. As you can see I have simplified it heavily on my sculpt. I should probably add that he has his gambezon/cloak/elf-parka-thingie open when he fights so that the harnesk shows, instead of the gambezon. Mr FoB can probably correct me on the correct terms when it comes to correct armour and such correctivness (which I hope you do!).

His shoulder pads were designed in a very impressive way in the movies: Some sort of very interesting feather-like armour is strung from the lamellar-shoulder-pads which in turn are attached to the mantle. Hence the weird shape of the mantle in the picture above. Numbers 1 and 2 are there to show where some serious GS:ing is needed.

The arrows shows how I sculpted the fluting and armour-decorations.

When searching for inspiration regarding the armour I did take a look at Games Wokshop's armoured Thranduil. The shoulder pads and the lamellar armour on his upper arms are much better than what I have done, but I did allow me to take some short-cuts. My skills aren't there yet - too fiddly, especially considering the continuation on this post: The fluting of the Elven armour!

If one compare the saddle-person above with Thranduil you may very well see that I sort of succeeded in my intentions of having him lazily stand in the scabbards while the war-elk is rearing or traversing some piece of terrain.

Above, we can finally see how I am faring with the fluting or decorations of his armour - EDIT: No we can't, I messed up the pictures.

The fluting has taken some time to do, but I do feel it looks acceptable now. Also, he's no longer as bold as I am.
    Things left to do, a list mainly for my own sake:

1) Scabbard.
2) Finish the stirrups.
3) Finish the hair in such a way that the armour doesn't get too obscured.
4) Make a scabbard and attach it.
5) Make the gambezon look more like fabric.
6) Sculpt a simplified version of the feathers on his back - as well as finish the mantle.
7) The elk must be elkified.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Impressive, I wouldnt dare attempt anything like this!

    1. Thanks, Scott, but please do give it a shot, this with sculpting/converting more than the usual, it is quite satisfying. This one is turning out a bit too chunky for my taste, I am sure it can be done in very many different and better ways!

  2. your attention to the small details really shows in the scuplt. I'm really excited to see how this turns out!

    1. Thank you mr el Zorro - I do think, however, that this particular model is turning out a bit too chunky and static - the plan was to make it majestic, but instead he looks too stiff! But there are stills things to do, and as you say, I am also a bit excited to see how it eventually turns out!