Carroccio for War of the Ring

As one can see, I will sculpt the banners somewhat, instead of just the ordinary paper and watery PVA.

I might just order an oxen cart from Perry Miniatures and move the two large banners and the two flag-racks to that one... For now, this current construction with its somewhat small wheels will have to do.

Colours: Black, silver and some white here and there. Don't know how to paint the oxen to best fit in with the "Cart of Everliving Flame"-theme... it will be a grand cart, but how do ordinary, smelly oxen turn out grand?

2 kommentarer:

  1. I think that this is looking good. The shape of the wagon is great and the wheels don't look too shabby either.

    The oxen should be white. Just like the Italian's oxen.

  2. Nice with feedback that actually make you not have to redo things. Moar of this, plx (internet language for "I am completely retarded).

    /Un-inlogged Llama