Gondor project nearing completion

What was intended with this project was to beef out my Gondor army. Especially with some units that would stand out. I haven't had time to look at ideas for rules for the command base (the one with three models on a 64mm base) but I have definite direction with it, that I want to go.

The Avenger Bolt Throwers have quite a few years on their necks by now, and are rather crude, but look acceptable. Added a renendra plastic barrel to each tray for aesthetic reasons.

The big wagon is put on hold due to constrictions in personal slash hobby time. And the rest is just a company of WoMT archers, the command base and the Golden warriors. They are all very much WIP.

Other news: Tried out a new type of silicone (rubberized, I would presume) that flowed really slow. Not sure if the mould of my three basic snaga gobbos will be okay. When, and if, the gobbo-mould is ready, I will use the casts of those three, rather crude models I did, to make another batch, more detailed and better looking.

The mould making is part of my first serious sculpting project, but I go about it swiffy-swoffy and not especially serious. Which is what I like to say here: Personally, I am sort of a perfectionist (mr FoB may beg to differ, but he is wrong), but when it comes to hobby, I just do it. Just do it. I sometimes overplan something but execute it bad. And sometimes underplan and then, of course, make a bad model or really shitty paintjob. My goal is not to have one or two perfect little miniatures, no, it is to just go about making a large army that looks okay from a distance. Satisfied with the overall, not the detail, and having fun doing so.

Which leads me into a rant. A rant about so called Anoraks, detail-oriented douches. Unfortunately, this will have to wait for a future post (like so many other things promised here), as I am halfway to the batmobile right now, so we'll put it on the long to-do-list.

With many wishes of a happy thursday. Cheery o'!

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