Unreleased models for Lord of the Rings

During the short life of our hobby's existance, the producer of the models have promised, and made, dozens and dozens of miniatures. However, some of these half-made promises, like those in Legions of Middle-Earth, were never fulfilled. I have, in between of working, eating and sleeping, managed to scribble up a little list of unreleased, but promised (sort of) models. So, without further ado, here it is:

Unreleased from Legions of Middle-Earth

Guardian of the Havens - this could have been the Guard of the Galadhrim Court, but I believe it wasn't, since the Guardian of the Havens was put under The Grey Havens, which was intended as a High Elf army-list.
Elf Ranger. Ah, what an interesting little thing. I see a meld between the nice idea of the Sentinels (bad models, IMO, even though the details are good... ) and something High Elfish, understated but still grand and majestic. Needless to say, these would have been magnifically overpowered, if I had designed their rules.
Elf Knight. Again, not the Galadhrim ones - the Elf Knights in LoME were printed under a High Elf faction. Some decent efforts have been made of converting a High Elf warrior and RoR to a High Elf Knight.
Elf Chariot. Very intriguing. There's a simple conversion in the back of Lord of the Rings Collector's Edition (from 2006, I think) which I will scan in the near future for the interested to gaze upon.
Elf War Catapult.
Galadhrim Siege Catapult.
Galadhrim Pathwalker. Also an interesting idea. Would be nice to hear what you think about this slot...

For Fangorn there is the Huorns, which in my opinion REALLY don't need a model, but then again, I wouldn't complain if it were to ever be released, despite the obsolete-ness of LoME, but in these SBG-times, one can never know... There are also named eagles, namely Landroval and Meneldor, but I consider these released with the existance of the regular Great Eagle-model.

Helm's Guard only got their command released and it would be nice to see actual models, although, again, the need for these models are questioned.

Just noticed, Celembrimbor? Is this something that has been made? Appearently an Elf commander of 140 points with the choice of an armoured horse for 15 points...

Grimbeorn. Would be an interesting dual model, one in regular and one in bear-form. But I have said this earlier...

BAD GUYS - Dunland
With Dunland it seems GeeDubb went the Viking-way. All these Huscarls and Berserkers all play into the traditional Viking-theme of Scandinavia - and also into the Rohan-Vikings-without-longboat - which the Dunlendings are said to be at a distant kinship with.

Royalblood Huscarl.
Dunland Berserker.
Dunlending Horseman.
Royalblood Chieftain (of Dunland).

I really like the models for Dunland and would have no problem doing a whole army of them if I hadn't so little hobbyspace left. And now also the shortage of time...

Unreleased bad guys - all other from LoME

Werewolf. I would expect this to be released sometime. Perhaps if they show off something like this in Bilbo, when Gandalf & Co battles the Dol Guldur-dudes in the (probably) second part of Bimbo Berklin (like the Swedish translator wanted to name Bilbo - true story).

Black-Hearted Tree. Unlikely to be released.
Black Numenorean Catapult. Meh...
Easterling Siege Bow.
Keiseimu, Ravager of Ithilien.
Corsair Reaver.
Corsair Ballista. Meh, again.
Stone Giant. It will be very interesting to see the design of this creature. It seems difficult to do something that is so narrowed down to look human, when in fact it would be so much better do it really bizarre (without crossing the boundry to over-the-top-high-fantasy), but still, of course bi-pedal and relatively believable. I have some plans myself.

So, these were the ones I found in LoME. Here are the ones from WotR, without an abundance of commentaries, due to lack of time:

Royal Guard of Arnor (probably already released as the Warriors of Arnor).
Wardens of the Keys. Here's wishing for OTT! Would be sooo nice!
Hurin. With command for the above.
Black Root Vale archers. Already got their command, is there a need for actual BRV-archer-models?
Elfhelm + Elfhelm's Riders.
Iron Guard Ancients. Probably just use the Iron Guard, on second thought.
Erebor Guard.
Quickbeam and Beechbone. Unnecassary IMO.
Naurandir and Sûlrandir. Would like to make my own. Allatar Pallando? something like that...

Black Uruk Shaman is released, yes? With the Black Guard of Barad Dûr?
Queen Beruthiel. Spirit. I will do my own, so I won't have to hope and wait for this higly anticipated model no more.
Carn Dûm Warband. Unlikely to ever be released, as most I've typed here. A chieftain for these guys is listed in Angmar, as well.

Awesome list, don't you think? Took me ages, but anything for the hobby and hobbyists of LotR-miniatures! See ya!

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  1. Dunlendings and Rohirrim are most definitetly not related. Unless the Wood Elves and the Vanyar are also related (that is to say, they are both men, but of entirely different backgrounds and origins)

  2. Oh. I read somewhere they had the same ancestors etc (and not in the general way, but in a specific way - maybe I am thinking of the Dorwinions?). I will try to find the source of this.


    PS) Sorry for the slow response