Goblin Snagas

EDIT: Stop the presses! Forgot this: Reality hits you hard, bro

I've got myself some failcast here, but it doesn't matter - I was going to redo the arms and hands anyway, so...

One of the "flying" goblins will be mounted on one of the Fenrisian Wolwes I just finished painting. They look better now, as suspected. When unpainted, they looked very cartoony.

A neat little formation is forming. They will be really nice to have alongside the regular Goblin Warband (a large one) and the Gundabad Blackshields. This project really makes the creativity flow for me.

Here's a little leprachaun song to celebrate the little leprachauny Goblins (song by Schmoyoho, the creators of Double Rainbow song and Backing Up, two awesome songs).

A last note: Thank you mr FoB for the link on the awesome Perry Miniatures' Mounted Men at Arms. I would like to promise the purchase of three (3) boxes of these.

Another last note: Forgot an entry in the post about unreleased models: Elves of Finrod - which I would assume one use ANY Wood Elf models for, but again, more models is always great.

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