Gondor CoEF

Gondor Cart of Everliving Flame. An inspirational thingie for the warriors of Minas Tirith. Rules aren't ready, but should be no problems. Coming up with rules is easy: Just don't go over the top, keep the points within reason and you should be okay.

A billion things left to do, especially considering the paintjob on the flames. And also the position of the bowl of flames and the mini-pillars at the back of the wagon.

Originally, the Guards of the Fountain Court (GotFC) were intended to slowly walk by the side of the oxen, but I forgot this when the base took shape and no holes for their bases were made. Now, where to put them? On top of the cart?

--- --- ---

Three days ago I bought this, after looking at the preview pictures on blogs and then eventually on the GW homepage. They are huge but still fit a 40mm base. To fight one of these would be more comparable to fight a Cave Troll rather than a Warg, which I first intended to use them for: Spicing up the Warg packs.

They didn't look that cartoony on the pictures, but when I put it next to a Warg (which I didn't particulary liked in the first place) it looks stupid. But fear not, Llama will fix this with his crappy painting skills and some fantastic basing, they will be allright. I do doubt another package of these will find its way into my home, however.

Good day, and may many fine food items find their way into your belly this fine Saturday.

2 kommentarer:

  1. The carroccio looks good! It would be nice if you could reflect/light the vexillia-banners with the flames.

  2. No! I will not get into the marshland of OSL - not only does one have to be a much better painter, but one would also want to do OSL on everything that might have some sort of light source on all other objects in one's possession. A bleak future, indeed.

    Thanks for your crappy input in this matter. I will, however, require grading with stars. I recommend 43 stars out of 68, but you may grade after your own head visavi this object.