Minas Tirith Field Command

Minas Tirith Field Command. Base. Command Base. Will be used in conjunction with the enormous Gondor Carroccio.

The Banner Bearer (BB) stands in the back, and is originally a Citadel Guard Longbow-man. His head has been replaced with a Mahdist head (from Perry Miniatures) and he will be sort of leaning against a shield with his left hand whilst casually holding the grand banner, if one can wield a grand banner casually... The right hand guy (from the viewer's direction) will be holding a parchement, like the one made by some GW-guy in an article on their old homepage.

And lastly, the guy on the left, which is the leader of the command group with their little command table with maps and scrolls. A shield is leaning against the table. In the background there is a little bowl or cauldron or something, just wanted the base to look busy. The end result will hopefully look tidy but "commandy".

The captain's head is from Perry Miniatures Bows and Billmen. The captain is also a modified/slaughtered Citadel Longbowman.

Have a nice weekend, I will be working and also going to a course, so my weekend will be efficient, if not nice :)

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