Army of the Dead, Mantic Skellies

So, the hobbying has been a bit slow, but nevermind, I should get back to the normal Llama-speed soon enough. Today, we continue on the undead theme. Namely the Army of the Dead - which I'll never use how they were intended: for Gondor. In the books they are fine. In the movies they are acceptable. But, in the game I dislike the fact that one can field these incredible powerful spirits without Aragorn. So, the alternative is the Angmar faction from WotR - Ghostly Legion. 

Addition of four Mantic Skeletons (it says on the Mantic homepage that they are discontinuing these Skeleton sprues) into the four leftover Warriors of the Dead from the plastic GW-box. Contrary to what many web-shops say (and for a while, also Games Workshop's homepage), the box contains 20 models, not 24.

So, now we have three trays of warriors unlikely to be used. The GW Warriors of the Dead are good sculpts, very easy to assemble - the only thing I personally dislike is the size, they are very large, even bigger than the Mantic Skeletons (the Mantic Skeletons proportions are okay - it is just that they are tall, I belive "heroic scale" 32mm in contrast to the original 28mm GW-LotR figs).

Mantic Skeletons work fine for the purpose of bulking out a company of GW Army of the Dead. But then again, most models will look coherent as long as they are from any 25-35mm fantasy/historical and painted green... The samples above are, as usual, not finished.

That's all for the weekend, the springs finally turned into some sort of Ultima Thule summer, so barbies coming up: Chicken, haloumi and veggies on the good ol' neighbours barbecue which he forgets to hide from his lazy neighbours, time and time again.

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  1. Those guys work well together and I think the painting is good. Can't see why Mantic would discontinue a skeleton sprue. Aren't their skeletions very popular?

  2. I do not know if their skellies are popular. I have seen them used on various internetty-places. I think they will discontinue them because they are flat and somewhat boring. They are, of course, much better IMO than the GW ones.

    I will use them as plastic "armatures" for other projects.