Misc. Update

First of all: Can someone push me in the right direction regarding uploading PDF:s? The platform used for this blog seems to allow only images and movies, so if you know any simple, free way of uploading PDF:s, let me know, and maybe you will get a small gift by the mail. The only thing I demand from a potential service like this, besides being free and simple, is that possible downloaders will not have to maneuver through a heavy advertised page that looks like something from the late 90's...

Second, as the creative title suggests, this is just a random update with little of this and that, with things that's been on my mind on the subject of our hobby. I am working on my own version of the copied project of a Gulavhar, based on a 40mm base, using a Mantic Ghoul and some sculpted wings. It will not be Gulavhar, merely a test model for future projects for my undead project. Finished the Golden Warriors of Minas Tirith, just have to paint the banner. Pics will follow.

Found on GW:s blog, an image of the Swordsmaster of Gondor, or whatever he is called. Is this released?

The Narnian army that has been mentioned here a few times was made by a mr Jeffrey McLeod. It is a truly inspiring work and he deserves all the praise he gets - I mention this because there has been some traffic in to this blog because of me mentioning a Narnian army, when in fact there are none here (not saying it can't happen in the future, though). Sorry about that. Here's the link to his page.

When searching for SVT Pravda Play, there was a typing accident that amused me, it seems this is such a common mistake that Google suggested it. This is, of course, not the only time it has happened - there are plenty of far more amusing examples - but this is just so... stupid. Öåay, that's how football hooligans sound.

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  1. Öåoy! That new character looks pretty nice.

  2. Yep, he does. I think the rules, SBG-rules that is, are making him into some sort of minor hero: Something like 1 might and 1 will, 2 attacks and 2 wounds. Strength likely 4 - becoming 5 with the two-hander. I wouldn't be surprised if they gave him uan nmodified S of 5 though.