Mantic Ghoul with wings

So, after being inspired by someone (will have to look into this, can't remember where I saw it), I started making my own Ghulavar by using a Mantic Ghoul and some wings. I sculpted some bat-like wings and glued them to the creature. Wouldn't it look better if one were to remove the wings from the back and integrate them with the arms of the Ghoul?

Let us all laugh at the quality of this pic while I finish this drink - the drink of gods, AKA Dr Pepper Cherry - is it still an agnostic drink, though?

“What flavor is it? It is neither root beer nor cola. Nobody is sure what flavor it is, and nobody can be sure."

In other news, here's a Llama song, one of those annoying flash animations, but still, a llama is a llama. Found on the same page where the great Posting and You can be found. It must be well over eight years old now, an honorable age on the interwebs.

I have also been playing with the idea of doing redoing my Warg Riders. Dramatic Katastases have provided me with some inspiration - Warg Rider drummer.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I can't see sh*t! I can however see your can of Dr Pepper quite clearly :( The Llama song did however cheer me up.

  2. Yes, this blogpost was clearly an emotional roller-coaster. Ah, the poetry!

    Have you seen the South Park episode, by the way?