The Nine Abroad

The Nine Abroad custom movement tray.

The plan is to make a little press mould of the statue, put some putty approximately where the plastic statue lies now and just squeeze a new statue in there. The project is proceeding according to plans. I look forward repainting The Nine, from back left: Khamûl the Easterling, the Tainted, the Undying and the Shadow Lord. Right in front of the Shadow Lord, we find the Betrayer, based on a Citadel Guard spearman.

Next tray: the Dark Marshal (will be slightly reposed, he looks too... strained), the Dwimmerlaik (of the nine here, the one IMO that is least alike the official model - he looks too generic). In the front row we have the Witch-king of Angmar, which was the first I did and accordingly so the one that needs a face-lift the most. To his right we find the tiny Knight of Umbar, based on a Warrior of the Last Alliance that got a head swap with dying Isildur (Sauron boxed set). And we all know how very small the first models produced for the LotR Strategy Battle Game were, are, compared to later models. I will keep him anyway.

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  1. You put them together really nicely and I like the scenic base. Some interesting conversions there too, looking forward to seeing the finished piece!

  2. Thanks! It is going along nicely, but I can't seem to get the tray look like depressing/grayish nature without making it look simply boring... new attempt is to be made tonight!

    Should probably work a little on the actual minis as well :)