The Nine, 85% done

Work on the Ringfürhers are progressing. Their individual bases will get some more paint and perhaps a few tufts of static grass. Some of them are screaming for more GS-work, and so, I will do this. But this in turn generates more work in the painting department... hm...

 What do you think? Should I add green moss on the broken base of the statue? This was my plan all along, to make it aesthetically "sink" into the rest of the tray in order to have not stand out as much.

Other projects, just a little sneak-peak... the base project I've been talking about. From the beginning it was much more ambitious, but something happened: I got some spare time over, had made a few bases - they weren't even 100% finished - and realized this project will never be done if I keep thinking it have to be perfect before starting. So, I made a really crappy "rat swarm" and an additional nature/forest base and started mixing the silicone. The cast bases turned out adequate, but I can't think of many miniatures I currently own that I would want to use these bases with.

And what do we have here? Yes, it is Perry Miniatures Men at Arms, archers in fact... These are my own and will get a colourful paintjob. That's it folks, see you next weekend unless something really great happens before that... Bye!

2 kommentarer:

  1. The nines' basing looks really good. It really lifts the figures to another level. And its fun that you do some bases of your own.

  2. Yes, I think I pulled it off, finally...

    The bases was a hastened thing - I should probably have thought it through a bit more thorough. Well, at least the "Rat Swarm" can be used as a regular 40mm base if you shave the rats off it.