Galadhrim Bolt thrower

Or High Elf bolt thrower. This little project is an attempt by me to try to familiarize myself with the design of the next grand project: The High Elf Catapult. Or Galadhrim...

Inspired by a Singer sewing-machine and imbued with the sea-faring feeling of some of the Elvish races (hence the slight nod to a harpoon), it turned out adequate in overall design, and really nice in the final "finish", if you know what I mean with that.

A confession must be made in order to explain the building process: I recently ordered a bunch of minis and models from figurspel.se, and allowed me to buy a WHFB HE-chariot - just for the lions! My recent failures at sculpting a lion, and incapability to find a lion the right size anywhere in this soon-to-be-"developing" country - made me take this drastic, dare I say extreme(?) step! Most of the parts that was left over shall be shipped to anyone nice at the Warhammer Forum. And a few pieces I used to this project, namely: A bow from an Elf arm and two side-pieces from the chariot. The spear (now bolt) comes from Tom Meiers forge and the rest are made from sprues. It is based on a 40mm base and works nice with the newer Elf sculpts from GW, the Galadhrim Warriors, to be precise.

2 kommentarer:

  1. You should have spared us that confession.. Anyway I like the design of it. Funny how a WH bow is so huge that it can function as a bolt thrower.

  2. Hahaha! It is indeed interesting how different the WHFB designs are in comparision to Perry Minis, GW:s LotR line and other non-high-fantasy... I instantly thought: This looks like the seed to a bolt thrower. Large indeed.