Discarded Projects

Another non-eventful update. I am still chipping away at a certain project and let it take the time it needs. Inbetween I am trying to get in shape, secure an income (80% there, it actually looks promising, peppar, peppar), learn another language (it has a different alphabeth than the Latin we use here, so it fucking difficult. FUCKing DIFFicult!), practice my gun-toting skills and write, write, write. Correspondence with some Ausländers takes some time also - I have a friend in Middle East that wants to take his wife to Sweden. Oh, the irony... He is very persistant and nowadays, with all available channels of communication, let us just say it is getting a bit old.
    All in all, upcoming days will despite this be quite lazy and I will try to use them in a more focused way: Writing and physical training. Those two tend to work very well together.

In an effort to pick up the pace in the hobby-part of my life, I have discarded these projects:

The old Sand Wyrm, which I renovated but then never bothered to repaint, will be placed in my special "too attached to throw away"-sentimental box, but the unfinished Stone Guardian, Ice Wyrm and Mouth of Sauron (very basic start) will all be stripped of useful parts and put in the bin.
    My analysis of why they did not worked out is simple: I had not made sufficient plans for them. Always make plans, sketch the model-to-be from various angles and have lots of details ready.

This smug, green-faced Persian is missing a grey beard and a hat with some nice Persian, slick-rick hair.

Additionally, he needs a pair of ug-boots to traverse the treacherous sand dunes.

Mr egg-head. Don't mind the weird back, it is staged and ready for a cloak or mantle.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Don't throw away the troll!? Just glue his arms on and use him as a poor old loading troll for a mordor catapult. Other than that, the wizard looks really good. He is coming along nicely!

    1. I am glad you find the wizard looking okay, I will try to finish within next week - normally I would have been done with him two weeks ago, but for some reason I have been much, much slower lately.

      The troll on the other hand: It is the head, I just can't bring myself to copy the official trolls' head, and the trouble to sculpt an original head desing seems barely worth it. I might give it a shot, since you implored me on the matter (if that is a correct sentence... )

    2. Oh but I do implore you! *clasps hands to bosom and flutters eyelashes imploringly, all done in a respectively imploring manner!

      Fun aside, yes that is a correct sentence I believe. ;D

    3. Hehe... :) I have now started the renovation of the troll(s), a tad on the frankenstein's monster side, but still...