Sculpting man-sized 28mm model...

... finally from scratch, truly from the beginning. To get the proportions somewhat okay, I have been cheating by copying a civilian Arab from Perry Brothers. His head will be slightly smaller than the model I am sort-of copying to fit better in with the LotR-range.

Also, if you like the Hobbit dwarves, read this from thefellowshipoftheminiatures.blogspot: I asked [the Perry brothers] about the Hobbit range and the battle of the five armies and they told me that they sculpted a whole dwarf range. So the miniatures exist, but will GW ever release them?


Sunken chest... I noticed it just now, when looking at these pictures. Perhaps I will fix it, maybe not...

What do I spy in the background with my little eye? Something suitably tree-like, almost like a Christmas ent? One can never be sure, in times like these...

No, it is not the right head. I feel it is a bit too "cartoony"... hmmm... if I were to remove the buck teeth, the potato nose, and perhaps resculpt the jawline and perhaps add some sort of beard, hair and then remove the whole head and make a real one? (yes, this is a head I made "jokingly")

Short one today, I am off to a late boardgame night.

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  1. Looking good! I see the sunken chest now that you mention it but originally I just thought he was a bit old and thin with perhaps a little bit of a belly? I like it ;D

    I spy fingers and paper and table and a walking-talking-mean-as-hell-Christmas-tree! Perhaps. Or maybe its just the light... :D

    1. :D It might just be the light, you know like those UFO-pictures of Mars and such...

      Yeah, the belly was something I toyed around with, but with the sunken chest it really looks like it. A well-fed Persian/wannabee-Middle-Earthian